7+ Best Guest Post Marketplace for Quick SEO

If you are looking to build links and improve your search engine rankings then writing high-quality guest posts is a great way to get it done. But finding the right blogs to write for can be a challenge.

To make guest posting easy, there are multiple guest post marketplaces that allow you to directly purchase guest posts on various websites.

Best Guest Post Marketplace For Guest Posting Seo

There are various marketplaces to find quality websites that allow guest posting. These platforms have a database of websites which saves your time outreaching blogs manually.

Here, we’re going to list out the best guest post marketplace to quickly do guest blogging.

7 Best Guest Post Marketplace to Buy/Sell Guest posts

As you know guest posting is time-consuming because finding such blogs that accept guest posts is a tidy task. At this point, guest post marketplaces come into the game. They save a lot of your time and give a list of websites to your fingertip. That’s why we decided to list all such marketplaces in one place.

1. GpOcean

GpOcean is one of its kind open marketplace that allows buying & selling guest posts in a few easy steps. Cause of the lowest commission rate in the market it becomes an ideal place not only for sellers but also for buyers to buy guest posts at the lowest price possible.

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It not only gives you a list of websites that accept guest posts but also helps you find the right website with its quick filters of DA, DR, Website Traffic, Price, Niche, etc.

Along with that their finely curated lists help you find websites according to your interests. They also have rewards, cashback, offers, and a lot more to do on the platform.

2. GuestPosts.com

Screenshot 2022 11 30 At 11.26.54 Am

GuestPosts.com is quite old in this space and has a good set of websites including premium ones, but they’re very restricted doesn’t allow users to view all website URLs at once.

Their credit system only allows you to disclose only a few website URLs. We find it a bit hard to get the right website with limited credits.

3. Accessily

Screenshot 2022 11 30 At 11.35.50 Am

Accessily is another such guest post platform that requires you signup to their premium plans to get access to all the websites on their platform.

The good part of Accessily is its clean UI and easy-to-use filters. But prices seem to be on the higher end.

Screenshot 2022 11 30 At 11.33.45 Am

Linkpublishers.com is one of the popular platforms that is used in the industry for a long. They also allow both selling & buying guest posts.

New users might feel difficulty in exploring the marketplace with their complicated UX.

5. Natvisor

Screenshot 2022 11 30 At 11.32.05 Am

Considering the size of the media database they have one of the biggest collections. Websites are well-categorized in decent number of categories to arrange it well.

You can select the category easily to find the right website according to your niche. Despite huge database we feel most of the sites doesn’t have decent traffic and value that can be added.

6. Guestpostnow

Screenshot 2022 11 30 At 11.34.45 Am

Similar to GpOcean they have various sellers on their platform who’re ready to accept guest post on their website. It’s quite easy to use their platform, simply select the website and order.

Screenshot 2022 11 30 At 11.32.23 Am

The platform allows guest post purchasing just like any other e-com website, which makes it user-friendly for first-time visitors.

They have a table of listed websites which is easy to sort and filter, to find the website according to requirements.

What Makes a Good Guest Post Marketplace?

A good marketplace should have a variety of features to appeal to a wide range of users. Like easy-to-filter websites by various website metrics etc.

The marketplace should be easy to use and navigate, with a clean and user-friendly interface.

It should offer a wide range of quality websites, from basic to premium, so that users can find what they need.

They should give access to all of their website database, without the need for any premium subscription.

The marketplace should also provide good customer service so that users can get help and support when they need it.

Finally, the marketplace should be safe and secure, so that users can feel confident about using the site.


There are numerous platforms around for a while but the best guest post marketplace is the one with the above-mentioned qualities.

The customer has to set their own priorities. What do they prefer the most? Almost all the websites are available on each platform so it’s a wise choice to choose the platform where the site is the cheapest price.

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